What We Think OF The Festival Glitter Range

So here at Born Haircare, we thought about trying a brand new beauty range for both skin and hair to try and reach more of a younger and wider audience. What better product to invest in than GLITTER, something that all girls love!!!!!

There is a new glitter craze sweeping the beauty industry from glitter lips to glitter roots, seen at Festivals, music gigs and on the catwalk. Not only can it be used to stand out from the crowd or to emphasize a look but it can also be used in a clever way to hide blemishes such as dark circles or bad roots. It can be used on the body, nails, hair and eyes to make a casual look just that bit different or to stand out at a special event or occasion. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with just a little bit of sparkle and glitter. 

The range we went for is Beauty Boulevard's Glitter Lips and Stardust Festival Body Glitter. For just £12.50 each you get a pot of glitter, an applicator and glue/gel with approx 25 applications per box and available in a wide range of different colours from bold and daring to cute and subtle, you're sure to find the perfect one to suit you. 

We just couldn't resist not trying these kits out!! 

So with Festivals drawing near we decided to do our own Festival inspired photoshoot complete with hair, nails and make up graciously provided by Northcotes Hair Salon and Roandi Beauty, both services being renown for their warm welcome, excellent customer service and professionalism situated in the center of Chorley, Lancashire. (For more information about these services please click the links or find contact information below).

We had three very different models and a whole range of glitter colours to choose from, which was very hard believe me! But the final results looked amazing and each one was so unique, showing that any look can be complimented by adding a bit of glitter and any style can be tweaked and made fit for a festival. 


We loved Fiona's dark gothic style, not only did it suit the festival theme but we were so pleased that we got to try out the more bolder and darker colours which also complemented this look very well. For the glitter lips there was no question about it... we just had to go with the shade Dark Disorder as this completed the whole make-up look. This shade may look black but in the light it sparkled with a hint of blue and sometimes purple which made it look quite mystical and give a more sheer texture and colour. The glitter lips were so easy to apply and the more glitter added, the more bolder the colour, you really can't go wrong. For the hair, we used Stardust Body & Hair Glitter in colours Supernova and Cosmic Child. These went together perfectly well to create the glitter roots and really added to the gothic, rock chick look. With the small brush applicator it was so easy to sweep the glitter into the roots, spreading it outwards creating some kind of crown effect. This look is great for ponytails, french plaits, hair left down or double buns, absolutely any style with a parting.


Most girls love pink! And there are plenty of pink glitter shades to choose from. With her natural pale complexion and plum coloured hair, Alice just had to be the cute girly one of the group. In contrast to Fiona's bold dramatic look we wanted to show a more natural looking Festival goer with paler more neutral shades of colour. For the glitter lips we used Vintage Pretty which seemed a subtle colour indoors but then when we got outside it really sparkled and shimmered in the light. I think this shade will be great for any casual look. With Alice's make-up looking quite natural this gave us a chance to experiment with the Stardust body and hair glitter by applying it to the outer corners of the eyes and sweeping up the sides of her face. The colour we chose for this was Supernova as the silver really complimented her eyes and lip colour and really added to the overall look. For the hair we used shade Babylon Zoo as the pink really complimented the plum hair colour and matched well with the Vintage Pretty glitter lips. With Alice's hair being in a fish tail, we decided to go for a different application by dotting individual glitter all over the hair creating a sparkly speckled look.


You can't go wrong with the vintage Marilyn Monroe look! This can suit all occasions and can be subtle with natural colours or bolder with dramatic eye flicks and make up colours, a look i choose to have most days.  Fortunately the glitter lips shade Ruby Slippers was perfect for finishing off this look and adding a bit of glamour whilst still keeping it quirky for a festival. As my hair is short we stuck to the half up/half down style by adding soft curls to the hair left down and a french plait on one side which would be the best side to apply the Stardust Body and Hair glitter as it could be swept across the hair and skin. This made it more edgy in keeping it with the festival theme. The shade we used for this was Drops Of Jupiter as the gold really complimented the red and blended in nicely with my pale skin and blonde hair. These shades are definitely best suited for girls who want a more glam look.


1. What were your thoughts on the glitter range?

Fiona: The range was great with some fab, quirky colours to choose from!

Alice: I thought the glitter range was really good! Lots of different colours to choose and its all so pretty and sparkly.

Emma: I loved them. There are so many colours to choose from and different looks to create. 

2. Were you happy with the choice of colour scheme for the shoot?

Fiona: Definitely happy. All the colours made such a positive vibe, perfect for festival season! I loved my gothic dark colours as they are very much my style.

Alice: I loved my colour scheme, my glitter lips were my favorite! The pink was a gorgeous shade and sparkled so much in the light.

Emma: Yes! The red and gold really stood out and complimented my pale skin and blonde hair quite well. The look was very vintage looking but it just shows that you can turn any style into a festival look by just adding a bit of glitter and sparkle. 

3. Do you think they are good value for money (both £12.50) and why?

Fiona: Yes they are. They last really well and can be used a few times so more than worth it.

Alice: Definitely worth the money. You get a good amount with what you buy and there's plenty so you can use it for more than one application. The glitter also stays in place really well once its applied. 

Emma: Definitely! The glitter managed to stay on through strong wind and even after drinking. I was quite impressed! Also you get a lot of glitter and gel in the packs that will last you quite a long time depending how often you use it. 

4. Are they easy to apply and wash off?

Fiona: They don't take a lot of skill to apply, just patience and they are easy to remove with normal make up remover and wipes.

Alice: Even though i didn't apply my own, everyone else seemed to apply it easily. I don't think i'd struggle at all! The glitter in my hair just came out when i brushed and washed it, very easily. The glitter on my lips and face came off with make up wipes and water, the lips were a little harder to get off but still easy enough. 

Emma: Anyone could do it as you can't go wrong with glitter and they are so easy to wipe off with just a simple face wipe. The gel is really safe to use on hair too as it easily brushes and washes out and doesn't make hair hard and sticky. 

5. Would you use them again and if so for what events?

Fiona: I'd definitely wear them again for parties and festivals of course!

Alice: I'd definitely wear them again! I've got a lot of festivals this year so i'll be buying some and wearing it to them.

Emma: Of course! I think they are great for everyday looks, special occasions, fancy dress and anyone who is into cosplaying. They just add that final touch to each look. I will definitely be using the Red glitter lips again for meals and evenings out.

6. And did you have fun at the shoot?

Fiona: The shoot was ace! It was such a great experience and I've never done anything like it before. I would love to do another like it again soon. 

Alice: The shoot was really fun, even though it was cold! I'm not a massive fan of posing and having my photo taken but i enjoyed it. Everyone had a laugh doing it as well which was nice. 

Emma: It was a brilliant experience! We got to try the products out for ourselves which gave us a chance to get creative and see what they were all about. I would definitely love to do another.

So why not try our glitter range out for yourself? Buy our glitter packs online now here or view our online make-up, hair and nails Festival promotion for money off this look. Show Me Promotion 

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