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The Olaplex Craze

The Olaplex Craze

Olaplex is the new revolutionary hair treatment that revives and repairs dry and damaged hair. It can be used as a home treatment to keep hair healthy between salon visits or in salon when colouring hair. Kim Kardashian was the best example of extreme hair colour changing when she famously went from brown to platinum blonde with no straw like texture, broken ends or frizz in sight.


So what is it?

It is a 3 step salon system that helps to permanently repair, rebuild and re- link broken bonds within your hair. These are the bonds that get damaged from hair dye, perming, heating tools etc. So if your hair is looking dry, brittle, frizzy and stretches like chewing gum when wet then this is the answer for you!

The first 2 steps are an in salon service that consist of:
Step 1- Olaplex No1 Bond Multiplier
Step 2- Olaplex No2 Bond Perfector

These two treatments allow your hairdresser to rebuild the strength and structure of your hair so sit back, relax and wait to be astounded by your new head of luscious locks.

The 3rd Step is a home treatment:
Step 3- Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector

This consists of the same active ingredients that are in NO 1 and NO2 so you can maintain the condition of your hair when you leave the salon. 


So if your hair is in need of some serious TLC or you just fancy a new and extreme change in hair colour then Olaplex is the answer! 

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