The NEW Alterna Infinite Colour Range

Alterna have brought out a NEW Colour range!  But what makes this one so unique?

For a start it holds the same anti-aging active ingredients and benefits that the rest of the Caviar ranges are best known for. Great for mature women who's hair is in need of some TLC and repair to get back that healthy looking shine. The protein from the caviar helps give back lost moisture to prevent hair becoming dry and brittle which can also be a big issue for women who colour their hair regularly. 

Another issue from colouring hair is the problem of it fading too soon. It's hard to keep up that vibrant, fresh from the salon look when there are so many factors that will stop hair colour from looking healthy and bright.

Colour can fade due to:

1. Natural aging process

2. Daily cleansing with harsh products and dyes (create dullness or brassiness) 

3. Unprotected UV exposure 


So a good all natural, heat protectant, anti aging shampoo and conditioner is the answer and Alterna have answered our prayers!

The key ingredients here are the oils used from red raspberry leaf and sunflower seed that provide natural protection for colour treated hair. Not only do they give your hair more moisture and shine but a delicious fruity scent when used. As soon as you open the bottle that smell hits your nose and you know that your hair is in for a treat. It will also keep your locks smelling sweet for days. 

The powerful colour fade protection is also made up of all natural antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E and omega 3 fatty acids to create UV protection and keep hair colour vibrant, healthy looking and from fading. 

As well as the shampoo and conditioner in this range, there is also a colour vibrancy serum and colour hold topcoat shine spray for all round colour protection during and after washing. 

The Colour Hold Vibrancy Serum can be used in two ways to help to rejuvenate colour and intensify shine. Use as a leave in treatment to boost radiance and replenish moisture or mix in with any Alterna conditioner for a colour recharging hair mask.


The Colour Hold Topcoat Shine Spray nourishes hair and protects it between washes whilst creating a healthy looking shine and keeping hair colour vibrant for longer. Hair is protected from UV exposure as well as other environmental factors that can be harsh to hair. 

So now you can combat fade-out, dry-out and create long lasting colour with use of the NEW Alterna Infinite Colour Hold range that promises to give your hair 70 days of vibrant colour and shine.