We are now proud to be official stockists of the John Paul Pet range, our first to be exact! We had already heard good things about this range and having Paul Mitchell as a brand on our website initially, we decided to take the plunge and welcome John Paul Pet into the Born Haircare family.

If you didn't already know, John Paul is the co founder of Paul Mitchell. Both having years of experience in the hairdressing industry and creating one of a kind professional salon products to never be tested on animals. John Paul’s in-depth expertise in hair and skin care formulations also led to research in new standards for pet grooming and hygiene, which lead to the creation of John Paul Pet

Their complete grooming and hygiene system is designed with all pets in mind and heart with all their products being tested on humans to ensure that they are safe and effective on our furry little friends. Not only has he created these fantastic products but John Paul is a keen supporter of many charities and outreach programs that enrich the lives of all animals worldwide. A true animal lover at heart.


There are many reasons to make sure John Paul Pet products are in the home of everyone that takes care of their pet. Every pet owner has common issues they have to deal with such as:

  • Odor
  • Dry, itchy, flaky coats and skin
  • Dog and cat breath
  • Build-up around ears and eyes
  • Shedding, loose hairs and dander

Our pets can become irritated, our homes messy and pet bills costly. With John Paul Pet you definitely get your moneys worth! All products are affordable and nicely sized lasting quite a long time. The gentle formulas are PH balanced and made up of botanical ingredients so to not aggravate and cause damage to fragile skin, eyes and ears. 


From shampoo, conditioner and rinses to detangling sprays and wipes, there are a variety of products and different ranges to suit your pets skin and hair needs. 

This range moisturises and creates a healthy shine on your pooches dull, dry coats. The white ginger root and rosemary extract provides shine memory so their fur doesn't loose its glossiness, whilst the jojoba seed oil, aloe and panthenol conditions skin and hair. 

  • OATMEAL - For sensitive skin. (2015 WINNER IN PET PRODUCT NEWS)
Our little fur babies can be quite sensitive and will need natural and gentle formulas used on their skin and fur as to not aggravate them and cause any distress. This is where this range comes in!  The calming chamomile, aloe and oat protein cleans sensitive skin without causing irritation and soothes dry skin and coats, whilst the sweet almond oil and Vitamin E gives your pets coat nourishment, moisture and a lovely soothing scent. 

  • TEA TREE - Revitalizes and soothes hot spots. (2016 WINNER PET GROOMING ECO EXCELLENCE AWARD)
Constant scratching and licking on a certain area can all be signs of your pet having an allergic reaction, mite, insect or flea bites, or an infection which can then cause hot spots. These can be quite irritable and painful and in severe cases they can start loosing hair around the inflamed area. The Tea Tree range will help to soothe and calm these areas and the surrounding skin with the use of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, almond oil and chamomile extracts to add moisture and relieve skin irritations

For a calm environment and pet, the lavender, mint and tea tree oil extracts soothe your pets skin including hot spots whilst strengthening and conditioning hair for better manageability whilst brushing. This range also helps relax excitable pets so they can be cleaned or examined with ease! 

There is also a range of specialized moisturising shampoo's such as JP Super Bright which brightens and adds vibrancy to dull, dark coats and JP Tearless which is safe to use around eyes and neutralizes odors, as well as a water free range of foams and wipes so you can easily target specific areas such as ears, eyes and mouth.