Cloud Nine are a main-staple of hair salons nationwide, and for good reason; featuring
temperature control, mineral infused plates, automated shut-off, and a plethora of five-star reviews; we could go on! They offer a three year manufacturer's warranty on their products which shows the confidence they have in them. Today we'll take a look at each iron, plus the much raved about Quick Dry Magical Potion. 

Both the Touch and Original are fairly similar and come with plates which are the same size on each. The Touch heats up instantly and offers two heat settings, 165C and 195C while being a tad more energy efficient. This temperature range makes them best for normal hair types, and the instantaneous heat up is ideal for those in a rush. The Original on the other hand has more options temperature-wise, with five settings varying from 100-200C. This makes it an ideal choice for those with fine, coarse or afro hair. Mineral coated plates ensure the iron's are as kind as they can be to the hair. 

Pictured above: The Touch Iron

The Wide Iron - as the name suggests - features wider plates to the two we've just discussed, which makes it perfectly suited for thicker hair and the wider plates allow you to create large, bouncy curls if that's the look you're after. The Wide Iron offers 7 temperature settings, again from 100-200C.
Last of the stylers is the Micro Iron which won the Best New Inclusive Hair Product at the 2019 Hair Awards. Despite being a bit more limited in temperature settings (a single setting of 150C) it offers great versatility - due to the smaller plates it's great for fringes, flicks and pin-curls or anything creative you can think of really! Not to mention at only 6 inches long it's that bit more portable which could be a factor well worth considering if you travel a lot. 

Pictured above: The Micro Iron

The Airshot Hairdryer features three heat settings, balanced weight distribution and an LED temperature indicator. Anti-static technology and vitamin infused ceramic heating reduce frizz and fly-aways and enhance sleek and shine while providing a great level of care to your hair. Balanced weight distribution makes it a joy to use regardless of what style you're looking for. Vitamin infused design and heat control technology provide superior results, leaving you with no doubts you'll be able to create the salon-inspired look you crave. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes drying your hair effortless! Three heat settings allow to you to customise your style however you'd like. 

Don't forget your heat protection spray - Cloud Nine have you covered here with their much-loved Quick Dry Magical Potion coming in both 50ml bottles and 200ml bottles. This brilliant potion won the 'Best Heat Protectant' award at the Hair Awards 2019 - not only is it great for protecting your tresses from both the heat of styling tools and UV rays, it also can reduce drying time by up to 50% - and who doesn't love having that extra bit of time in bed in a morning? 

Cloud Nine also offer an iron recycling service which means they are happy to recycle your old styling tool for free regardless of brand/where it was purchased. Hopefully you'll be one step closer to knowing which iron will suit you down to the ground.

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