Have you been struggling to think of the perfect present for that special someone this year? Look no further! Make sure you're prepared as we take you through some of our favourite and latest Christmas present ideas and gift sets.

Today were giving you an overview of the styling tools we have on offer - but if you missed it, make sure to have a look through our Christmas Gift Ideas (Part One) Blog which will offer you plenty of ideas based on shampoo and conditioner duo's among other favourites. 


"Brush your hair straight"

Ever find yourself just too busy, or feeling a little too lazy to spend ages getting the right style? The Ikoo e-styler is perfect for out-of-bed quick styling or when you're popping home after work and need to go straight out on the town - few tools will get the job done quicker. It comes in a variety of colours - White, Fireball Red and Black - so gives more customisation options than some of the other options out there. 
The e-styler is an incredibly convenient combination of straighteners and a hairbrush combined into a superb all-in-one styling tool.

A staggering thirty-seven individual ceramic plates are brought together to guarantee an even, uniform heat application. There are five temperature settings from 150-230C. Features automatic shut-off after 30 minutes, as well as a fairly large brush paddle so there's nothing to fear if you've got thicker hair; the e-styler will have no issues getting through it! 

*Use only on completely dry hair*
- 30 watts
- Cable length 2.6 metres 
- 30 minute automatic shut-off
- Ceramic plates for the smoothest possible experience
- Built in ionic technology provide a smooth, silky and shiny finish.

Hot Tools

"When ordinary tools just won't do"

Hot Tools have certainly been busy, releasing the brand new limited edition Black Gold range (which are absolutely stunning) including Curl Bars, Evolve Titanium Stylers and the all new Revolutionary Volumiser.  

We have them in two different sizes, both 25mm and 32mm allowing you to pick what's best for the style you're hoping to achieve. Striking elegance and remarkable performance is a given thanks to the latest technologies that provide a seamless experience every time. Some highlighted features from the curl bars:

- 8 heat settings from 160c to 230c

- Soft Touch Handle - Provides comfortable grip 

- Glowing light ring flashes while heating up, and is steady once ready! 

- Cool tip

- Three metre cable length with tangle free swivel

- Sleep mode after 60 minutes 

 - 1 year guarantee

- Includes heat resistant mat and glove

The Evolve Titanium Stylers offer something different this year, again featuring both 25mm and 32mm variations in the limited Black Gold colour scheme with a suave light glowing light ring. They offer you smooth, effortless styling with ultimate control and precision. The ergonomic design also eases strain/fatigue on the wrists/arms. 

- 27 heat settings from 100C to 230C
- Ergonomic design helps to reduce shoulder, elbow and waist strain
- On/Off push button switch
- Luxury storage pouch and heat resistant mat
- 3 metre salon length cable with tangle-free swivel
- 1 year guarantee
- Includes heat-resistant silicone end cap

And the one you've been waiting for; the revolutionary volumiser. Featuring charcoal activated bristles of different types you'll find the volumiser to be incredibly handy for second day hair. The friction free titanium plate surface ensures even heat distribution throughout and ensures great shine. Advances in ionic technology mean less damage to your hair than ever with straighter results and less frizz for smooth, shiny hair. 

- One step salon blow-dry
- Stylist preferred 
- Ergonomic oval design
- Fast, smooth styling
- Does the job of both a dryer and a brush all-in-one
- Three metre tangle free swivel cable
- 1 year warranty 

We're not done yet though... if you want the whole hog this Christmas, check out the full Curl Bar Set which features four different circumference sizes (19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm) truly setting your inner style guru free - ideal for Salon's as they provide another level of versatility altogether. Check out the variety of curls you can achieve with the extra bars at your disposal.

Cloud Nine

"Achieve your best hair yet"

Alongside the standard range of Cloud Nine Irons, we have the limited edition rose gold gift sets AKA "The Alchemy Collection" which represents the gold standard in hair-styling - get results unique to you. Currently we have five options to choose from: The Original Iron, The Wide Iron, The Touch Iron, the Micro Iron and the Airshot Gift Set

Both the Touch and Original are fairly similar and come with plates which are the same size on each. The Touch heats up instantly and offers two heat settings, 165C and 195C while being a tad more energy efficient. This temperature range makes them best for normal hair types, and the instantaneous heat up is ideal for those in a rush. The Original on the other hand has more options temperature-wise, with five settings varying from 100-200C. This makes it an ideal choice for those with fine, coarse or afro hair.

The Wide Iron - as the name suggests - features wider plates to the two we've just discussed, which makes it perfectly suited for thicker hair and the wider plates allow you to create large, bouncy curls if that's the look you're after. The Wide Iron offers 7 temperature settings, again from 100-200C.
Last of the stylers is the Micro Iron which despite being a bit more limited in temperature settings (a single setting of 150C) offers great versatility - due to the smaller plates it's great for fringes, flicks and pin-curls or anything creative you can think of really! Not to mention at only 6 inches long it's that bit more portable which could be a factor well worth considering. 

The Airshot Hairdryer features three heat settings, balanced weight distribution and an LED temperature indicator. Anti-static technology and vitamin infused ceramic heating reduce frizz and fly-aways and enhance sleek and shine while providing a great level of care to your hair. 

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