A New Angle On Curls

Set the bar with the innovative Hot Tools CURLBAR and achieve long lasting curls in seconds.
These multi award winning styling tools have been developed expressly for professional stylists to help them design, create and maintain styles everywhere high performance hair tools are needed, delivering peak results in salons, at fashion runways and at photographic studios to name just a few. 

Hair curling has never been so easy with the new Hot Tools L-shaped curling iron. The unique shape allows for easier curling, manageability and less arm, wrist and elbow strain. Sounds amazing yes? All you have to do is separate hair into small sections and wrap the strands around the gold barrel from root to tip, (not forgetting your heat resistant gloves). 

For more defined curls switch up the heat with the nifty digital temperature display and leave hair wrapped around the barrel for that little bit longer. Don't worry about damaging your hair as the 24k gold surface is designed to provide even heat distribution without hot spots for longer lasting curls and healthier looking hair. 

For loose, beachy waves turn down the temperature and leave hair wrapped around the barrel for a shorter time. A great tip for natural looking waves is to separate hair into small sections and twist the hair before wrapping around the barrel.  This will create long lasting, bouncier waves. 

Available in two sizes for short and long hair, the Hot Tools CURLBAR is a must for any girl wanting longer lasting curls created from the comfort of their home. 

Now you can use these revolutionary heat styling tools from the comfort of your own home. 

You can control the length of time and how much heat you want with the rotating digital readout temperature display on the handle. Once this has been set the CURLBAR will automatically buzz to let you know when you can release your hair to reveal gorgeous looking curls.