Mediceuticals X-Folate Shampoo 1000ml

  • Mediceuticals X-Folate Shampoo 1000ml

Mediceuticals X-Folate Shampoo 1000ml

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Mediceuticals X-Folate Shampoo 1000ml

X-Folate Shampoo is a medicated dual-action shampoo for itchy, flaky and sensitive scalp

     Removes dead cell build up and reduces cell production.

    It soothes and reduces itchiness, leaving your scalp clear and healthy looking.

    It is suitable for those with colour-treated hair, as it gently cleanses and conditions.

    How to use

    lather a small amount into hair and scalp, leave for 2-3 mins. Rinse well use Therapeutic to balance ph of the scalp and to cool scalp.

    This Product has now been reformulated and is now a white creamy shampoo .

    For those who have used the old X-Folate, please note that due to EC Policies, we can no longer have 2 active ingredients in the same bottle.

    Mediceuticals have overcome this by putting one active ingredient in X-Folate and one active ingredient in X-Derma.

    If these 2 products are used together and mixed equally it will be as the old X-Folate.

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