Mediceuticals Scalp Treatment Kit - Oily Scalp - 3 Piece Box Set

  • Mediceuticals Scalp Treatment Kit - Oily Scalp - 3 Piece Box Set

Mediceuticals Scalp Treatment Kit - Oily Scalp - 3 Piece Box Set

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Mediceuticals Scalp Treatment Kit - Oily Scalp

Scalp therapies is developed to help treat various scalp & hair problems. 

Suffering from an oily scalp? Frustrated with over greasy hair even shortly after washing? This kit can help correct your hair & scalps pH balance by reducing moisture whilst gently caring for colour treated hair.

Box Set Includes:
TheraRx - Purifying anti-inflammatory solution for skin & scalp. Helps to kill harmful bacteria that can cause dandruff, excessive sebum, redness & acne.
Key Ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride is primary used as an antimicrobial agent. It works by killing microorganisms & inhibiting their future growth. 

Solv-X - Removes waxy sebum without removing the essential fatty acids on the scalp. Helps control redness & irritation on the skin. Safe for colour treated hair. Suitable as a shaving foam. Can also be used to help treat excessive sebum production, oily dandruff, oily hair & acne.
Key Ingredients: Ammonium Laureth Sulfate is a clansing agent that removes oils & dirt from hair & skin without drying it out. Salicylic Acid which works by causing the cells of the epiderms to slough off quicker, preventing dead cell build-up & pores from clogging.

Therapeutic - Soothes & calms scalp & skin. Lightly conditions & detangles hair. Oil & Lipid free. Balances the pH of the scalp & hair. Can be used on the entire body to help relieve sensitive, dry & tight skin. 
Key Ingredients: Zinc Pyrithione which has fungistatic (inhabits the division of fungal cells) & bacteriostatic (inhabits bacterial cell division). Hydrastis Canadensis (Goldenseal) Extract which is a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent with soothing & healing properties.

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