Mediceuticals Scalp Kit - Dandruff

  • Mediceuticals Scalp Kit - Dandruff

Mediceuticals Scalp Kit - Dandruff

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Mediceuticals Scalp Kit - Dandruff

A complete anti dandruff treatment kit which gives you 3 essential products to deal with dandruff

The Intensive Scalp Care system 3 essential product contained in the kit.

TheraRx  250ml Purifying treatment  and antibacterial skin and scalp wash to help reduce angry redness and soreness. Do not Rinse. 

X-Folate  250ml  A treatment Shampoo to reduce persistent dandruff and other skin disorders.

Therapeutic  250ml  A scalp and hair rinse to cool scalp. Can also be used on the body to reduce itchy and red areas

How to use

Apply TheraRx to affected scalp and skin area with fingertips, tissue or cotton pad. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes, then cleanse with X-folate shampoo massage into scalp and leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse well, finally apply Therapeutic conditioner leave on 2 -3 minutes and rinse well

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