Bao‐Med Pure Oil Body Wash 200ml

  • Bao‐Med Pure Oil Body Wash 200ml

Bao‐Med Pure Oil Body Wash 200ml

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Bao‐Med Pure Oil Body Wash

According to consumer research, 73% of consumers think that their skin is more sensitive than a few years ago.

Many popular soaps &  body wash products strip moisture from your skin as they are formulated to remove oil making the skin alkaline.
The Bao-Med Pure Oil Body Wash has been specially developed to optimally nourish the skin. Unique to our body wash is that it contains no water, unlike many other shower gels. The body wash is made of high-quality baobab oil & olive oil. This combination of natural ingredients ensures that the body wash gently cleanses & moisturises the skin.
When the Bao-Med Pure Oil Body wash comes in contact with water it instantly changes into a thick, luxurious foam that leaves a satin soft sheen all over your body.
The body wash is also suitable to use as a bath oil.

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