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Your guide to olaplex No 3

Your Guide to Olaplex No.3

The Best of Pureology Hair Care
Whether your hair is dry, brittle, flat, bleached, damaged, thin or full of product build up, Pureology has the range for you! No matter what the hair type these shampoo's and conditioner's are all safe to use on coloured hair, keeping it bright and vibrant for longer between washes. Did i mention the cute pastel coloured bottles and delicious scent of each formula? Hair will keep protected and remain stronger for longer with these Sulfate-Free formulas. So which Pureology range do you choose?FOR SEVERELY DAMAGED HAIRThe Strength Cure range is specifically designed to repair and heal..
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Set the bar with the innovative Hot Tools CURLBAR and achieve long lasting curls in seconds.These multi award winning styling tools have been developed expressly for professional stylists to help them design, create and maintain styles everywhere high performance hair tools are needed, delivering peak results in salons, at fashion runways and at photographic studios to name just a few. Now you can use these revolutionary heat styling tools from the comfort of your own home. Hair curling has never been so easy with the new Hot Tools L-shaped curling iron. The unique shape allows for e..
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The Beauty Boulevard Intensive Lip Treatment
In just one week you can have healthier looking and more beautiful lips with prolong use of the Divine Hydra Gel Lip Mask and your favorite shade of the Trinity Tri Colour Lip Tint by following the Beauty Boulevard Intensive Week Treatment Programme below. WHAT YOU WILL NEED1. The Divine Hydra-Gel Lip Mask for dry and damaged lips. Developed with cutting edge Hydra-Gel technology, each mask contains natural Green Tea extract, nourishing Red Seaweed Plant and moisture boosting Hyaluronic Acid for prolonged hydration. Anti-Oxidant rich Red Wine extract and Collagen components help to plump ..
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13 Bathing Tips For Your Pets!
Bathing our pets isn't as easy as we thought but if you follow these top tips from John Paul Pet you can be sure bathtime will become a breeze and your pet pooches and kitties will be squeaky clean without the fuss!THE BATHING BASICSBrush your pet before bathing to remove tangles, dirt, debris and shedding hair.Reduce pet anxiety during bathing by placing a towel on the bottom of the tub or sink to muffle the sound of the water spraying and to also prevent slipping.Pre-treat areas on your pet by applying shampoo directly onto dry fur. This will help make dirt stick to the shampoo before washin..
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Our Summer Holiday Essentials For 2017
Now is the time to get planning for your holiday and there a a lot of things to consider when keeping your hair looking gorgeous in the summer heat. A lot of factors can cause our hair to become unruly and in worse shape than before; the suns UV rays, humidity, heat, sea water, chlorine from pool water etc. these can all cause disastrous effects to our hair making it frizzy and wild, causing our newly coloured hair to fade or discolour, making our soft, healthy looking locks become dry and brittle and prone to tangles. Sadly we have all been there and by day 3 of our holiday we just decide to ..
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We are now proud to be official stockists of the John Paul Pet range, our first to be exact! We had already heard good things about this range and having Paul Mitchell as a brand on our website initially, we decided to take the plunge and welcome John Paul Pet into the Born Haircare family.If you didn't already know, John Paul is the co founder of Paul Mitchell. Both having years of experience in the hairdressing industry and creating one of a kind professional salon products to never be tested on animals. John Paul’s in-depth expertise in hair and skin care formulations also led to resea..
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So here at Born Haircare, we thought about trying a brand new beauty range for both skin and hair to try and reach more of a younger and wider audience. What better product to invest in than GLITTER, something that all girls love!!!!! There is a new glitter craze sweeping the beauty industry from glitter lips to glitter roots, seen at Festivals, music gigs and on the catwalk. Not only can it be used to stand out from the crowd or to emphasize a look but it can also be used in a clever way to hide blemishes such as dark circles or bad roots. It can be used on the body, nails, hair and eyes to m..
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The NEW Alterna Infinite Colour Range
Alterna have brought out a NEW Colour range!  But what makes this one so unique?For a start it holds the same anti-aging active ingredients and benefits that the rest of the Caviar ranges are best known for. Great for mature women who's hair is in need of some TLC and repair to get back that healthy looking shine. The protein from the caviar helps give back lost moisture to prevent hair becoming dry and brittle which can also be a big issue for women who colour their hair regularly. Another issue from colouring hair is the problem of it fading too soon. It's hard to keep up that vibr..
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Your Free Gift This April 2017 When You spend Over £50 on Decleor
Worth over £49.00. This 6 piece Decleor hydration gift set comes in a lovely Decleor pouch, making a pretty Spring gift for anyone with tired, dry or dehydrated skin in need of a pick-me-up.                                                                             Gift includes:AROMESSENCE NEROLI OIL 1ml SAMPLE - A multi-award winning hydrating oil serum for all skin types, ideal way to sta..
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Discover the Right Decleor Box of Secrets For You!
This Mothers Day treat yourself or your mum to a luxurious new skin care regime!  Decleor has come up with some great gift sets suitable for all skin types whether you want to treat someone special or just yourself, they are beautifully packed with a selection of luxurious face creams, serums and lotions chosen specifically to suit a particular skin concern you may have, complete with great hints and tips on how to use these products properly and benefit from them in the long run. This may be the start of your new skincare regime for 2017! The Luxurious Box of Secrets range co..
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The Secret to Healthy Looking Flawless Skin
For some women Decleor is a range unheard of, too expensive to buy all the time or bought as a one off beauty treat for themselves now and again.                                          It is a very luxurious, popular and pricey skin care range, used in a variety of Salons across the UK with promises of healthy, rejuvenated and nourished skin from anti wrinkle creams to sensitive skin serums and all you hear are great reviews.................... so why aren't more women using De..
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Hot Right Now!
People have been going crazy for the multi award winning Hot Tools over in America and now to our excitement they have come to Born! But what makes these curling irons different to any others?                                         THE VARIETY OF SIZES Suitable for all hair types, long or short, these curling irons come in 5 different sizes to c..
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The Olaplex Craze
Olaplex is the new revolutionary hair treatment that revives and repairs dry and damaged hair. It can be used as a home treatment to keep hair healthy between salon visits or in salon when colouring hair. Kim Kardashian was the best example of extreme hair colour changing when she famously went from brown to platinum blonde with no straw like texture, broken ends or frizz in sight.                                                  So what is it?It is a 3 step sa..
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January Blues?
Has your hair taken a beating over Christmas? Is it looking dry, dull and damaged from the winter weather? Are you wanting a new hairdo for 2017? Get your hair back into great shape, fully repaired, moisturized and full of shine this year with Olaplex No.3 and Alterna Caviar Repair shampoo & conditioner.This Olaplex No.3 hair treatment and the Alterna Repair shampoo & conditioner work wonders together. Add the extra Alterna Repair Fill & Fix Masque to your haircare routine if it is severely dry and damaged. (Our Born Haircare customers love using these products toget..
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The Best Mens Cuts for Spring/Summer 2017
Generally as the weather heats up mens hair gets shorter, but that doesn't always have to be the case and with a little care and thought put into your style, some mid length cuts can work well for the warmer months.This week the Born Hair Care team look at a few of our favourite mens hair styles for the upcoming season and we also give an honorable mention to a few superstar products that can help you achieve the perfect look.Buzz CutThis classic cut is a hot trend for 2017 and while you may think there is not much flexibility in this style, you can definitely ask your stylist to play with the..
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